XTAL has built the first private market fund and index derivatives exchange. By trading on PRIFFE, investors can access unprecedented liquidity, portfolio and risk management possibilities.

PRIFFE instruments give investors the possibility to actively adjust their private market allocations, in a symmetric or asymmetric way. By leveraging very efficient overlay transactions with the objective of managing risk or locking in returns, investors can respond to the challenges of the macro-economic conditions, without altering the composition of the direct portfolio.

Exploit the Private Fund Yield Potential

Trade the Forward Curve.


  • Swaps

    Gain synthetic exposure to a fund or an index exchanging its yield versus cash or other types of return.

  • Forwards

    Buy or sell a fund or an index at an agreed price with future settlement.

  • Options

    Buy or sell the right to transact on a fund or an index at an agreed price.

  • Hedge

    De-risk a private fund portfolio by hedging a single fund or an index.

  • Generate Income

    Monetize by selling ‘out of the money’ contract.

  • Find Liquidity

    Get more efficient execution on long or short private fund positions with cash-settled derivatives.


Operations of the first Private Fund Forward Exchange will be starting soon.

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