Milan - March 13th, 2023

XTAL launches PRIFFE, the Private Fund Forward Exchange

The new marketplace introduces first-ever derivative risk transfer solutions for unlisted private market funds to better address illiquidity and market risk.

XTAL Markets, a wholly-owned subsidiary of XTAL Strategies is publicly launching a platform with innovative solutions to help investors and market participants better manage market risk and illiquidty.

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Milan - February 28th, 2022

XTAL Strategies responds to the SEC's request for comments on Private Fund Advisers

The letter aims at contributing key elements for consideration to the SEC and the general public on PE performance valuation.

XTAL Strategies comments are based on proprietary patented research and extensive experience in the analysis of private market performance and aim at supporting the SEC on these matters of critical importance to the investing public.

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London - July 13th, 2021

Exchange Data International Announces Partnership with XTAL Strategies

The exclusive partnership aims to launch new and compliant benchmarks on unlisted private market investments.

Exchange Data International (EDI), a leading provider of global security corporate actions, pricing, and reference data services, has announced an exclusive partnership with XTAL Strategies, with the aim to support XTAL’s new regulated private market benchmark initiative.

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London - June 22th, 2021

XTAL to Launch Private Equity Benchmarks

Fintech XTAL Strategies is launching a suite of regulated, representative benchmarks on unlisted private market funds. The initial products will benchmark buyout funds.

Compliance in private markets benchmarking is an imminent need. New benchmark regulation, initially enacted in Europe, is expected to spread and impact investors at the global level. As a first step, the EU Benchmark Regulation (BMR – EU 2016/1011), which enters into force on January 1, 2022, will require EU-supervised users of indices to only use benchmarks that comply with the EU BMR.

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MIlan and London - June 16th, 2021

XTAL to Launch Daily-calculated Private Market Fund Benchmarks

Compliant, Representative, Purpose Built to Address the New Regulation and Democratization Waves

XTAL Strategies, a global leading fintech active in private market indexing and risk management solutions, is launching a groundbreaking generation of regulated, representative benchmarks on unlisted private market funds.

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