Take a Sight of Private Markets Risk in Time-Weighted Terms




XTAL proprietary algorithms allow daily apple-to-apple comparability of private and public market perfomance and robust predictability of returns by taking advantage of essential pricing information about risk and volatility.

SESTANTE is not just another ledger. It is a complementary, efficient toolkit for forward-looking asset allocation and risk management decisions that transposes private market investments in the real-time, multi-asset framework of all stakeholders, often non-specialists, in the C-suite and at board level.

Built on the cloud for secure and seemless connectivity, SESTANTE leaves investors in control of their data.


Trace New Routes.

XTAL introduces a new paradigm to analyse and manage private market investments as if they were bonds, building upon XTAL’s groundbreaking, patented, time-weighted performance measurement methodology.

The private markets are the only asset category to have no efficient way for investors to measure and analyse risk. XTAL’s SESTANTE offers GPs, private market intermediaries and investors, an unprecedented set of real time and forward looking tools within a better compliance framework to fill this anachronistic gap.