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XTAL Strategies

An Innovative European Fintech SME

XTAL Strategies Srl is an Italian limited liability company with operations and offices in Milan and London that qualifies as and is part of the Innovative SMEs Section 2019-08-29 (PMI Innovative) of the Italian Business Register (

XTAL Strategies has entered a recognition program to become authorised by a financial Regulator designated by the European Securities and Market Authority (“ESMA”) as a Benchmark Administrator in the EU and plans to publish its IOSCO Compliance Statement outlining how it ensures compliance with the 19 IOSCO principles.

Furthermore, XTAL Strategies performs regulated advisory activities in the private funds space in the United Kingdom through its wholly owned subsidiary XTAL Markets Limited. XTAL Markets Limited is an appointed representative of Alpha Key Capital which is Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


The Company uses a proprietary and patented software for the analysis and the modeling of the risk-return profile of illiquid investments making them as simple to understand, price and manage as bond-like securities. Ultimately, XTAL is developing a platform to facilitate the governance (benchmarking, valuation and management) of the risk of complex illiquid instruments, like private market funds.

At the core, XTAL Strategies is an innovative and ground-breaking proprietary Private Market benchmark provider, delivering rules-based, compliant investable solutions and real time analytics to institutions on the sell and buy sides. XTAL Benchmarks are transforming performance analysis possibilities of investors and the industry transparency.

Overall, XTAL is working to create the infrastructure for the new market of listed and OTC Private Market Derivatives to create better pricing and liquidity conditions for the asset class and broaden investor access.


XTAL is the first global platform focused on indices and risk management solutions for private fund investors.

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